I Decided to Try Something Else

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Where to go in Salzburg

I originally planned to go to Cafe Bazar for breakfast this morning. Since I went there yesterday, I decided to try something else. I walked to Cafe Habakuk for what looked like a crepe, but I forgot to see if they were open.

I wanted to just walk around and take in the scenery until I found something else, but thought better of the idea considering most places wouldn’t open for another two hours.

Most places seemed to only serve coffee and pastries. I wanted a low sugar breakfast, so I walked into Fingerlos and ordered a Räucherlachs mit Rührei (smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a toasted brioche).

I decided to try something else
Eggs and moked salmon

After breakfast I checked out Mirabell Plaza and took a long, cold walk to check out the Salzburg Cathedral.  This took me past the Cadenhead’s shop. I wasn’t aware it was a chain considering it is the oldest independent bottler in Edinburgh, Scotland. Crazy to think I was more excited about the whiskey shop than the landmark.

I decided to try something else
Mirabell Palace Garden
I decided to try something else
Side View of Salzburg Cathedral

After that, I went to Bottle Shop. This seemed like the only way to get craft beer in Salzburg considering the Billa only carried Europe’s equivalent of Budlight and PBR. The prices were a bit high, but I wanted to try some Salzburg craft beer.

I decided to try something else
Beer from Bottle Shop

I took a short break in my hotel room because walking everywhere, especially in the cold, can be exhausting. I didn’t want to wear myself out before the afternoon and not be able to enjoy the sights.

For lunch, I wanted to check out Augustinerbrau, but the hours conflicted with the Google listing. This took me to Bärenwirt where I ordered Wildschweinbratwirst. Wild boar with roasted potatoes and a bacon-cabbage salad. Luckily they carried Augustiner beer so I had the chance to try it.

I decided to try something else
Wild Boar and potatoes.

The wild boar bratwurst looked and tasted amazing. The plate of what looked like a pound of cabbage was good too. Though I am pretty sure it was just sauerkraut.

More Beer

A Salzburg expat recommended touring the Stiegl Brewery for beer samples and a kebob, so I headed there next. I decided to skip the cab and walk the 1 mile journey through the suburbs. It was nice to see the colorful houses and unique architecture.

I decided to try something else
A random house.

I hadn’t looked up the tour details, so I was hoping I wouldn’t miss some kind of crazy schedule. The English tour is held once a day, but self guided tours are allowed. It was only €12,50. Not bad. I was the only one there, so I was able to watch the 180 degree movie (including floor projections) unobstructed. At the end of the tour I was given three beers to taste and a gift.

The beers were predetermined. There was an unfiltered beer, a house beer and a pale ale called Christopher Columbus. The pale ale was the best.

I decided to try something else
Display of beers.
I decided to try something else
Beer tasting.

When I asked the server about the kebab, he told me they don’t have it. He told the other server and the guy laughed so hard he started crying and had to walk into the kitchen.

My server kept asking if I wanted to see the menu so I went ahead and ordered some beef broth soup with what translates to sliced pancakes. I thought they were going to be next to the soup, but they were in it along with some matchstick carrots and onions. It was a nice snack to go with the beer tasting.

I thought I would go ahead stop by Cadenhead’s just to compare it to the location in Edinburgh.

On the way, I saw a food trolley called Mayer Delikatessen. I asked the lady “if I could only buy one, what would you say is the best?” Sometimes, when I phrase sentences like this, they have a confused look, but eventually put the pieces together and reply. She sold me mountain cheese and some sausage. When she told me the price, I heard “for you, 28 cent.” I thought it sounded cheap, but handed her 2 euro anyways. She repeated herself and I felt like an idiot when I realized she said “four euro, 28 cent.”

I decided to try something else
The food trolley.

I finally arrived at Cadenhead’s without any more stops or distractions. I bought a bottle of single malt Austrian whiskey.

For dinner, I wanted to go to this place called Carpe Diem for their fingerfood in waffle cones. Turns out they close in the winter. I asked the woman at the hotel desk to recommend something. She told to go to Esszimmer, but the food pictures looked more focused on presentation than portion.

I began my search for a good place to eat. Since I decided to try something else; something not so Austrian I went by BioBurgerMeister, but they only had three tables and they were all full. I might try again tomorrow since the public has such a high opinion of the restaurant.

Eventually, I went to Uncle Vans and ordered Pho. You have to order by marking a menu and because of this, I accidentally ordered white wine. I decided, screw it, chugged it and ordered a beer.

I really enjoyed the soup, so I ordered more soup for takeaway. That was enjoyed in my hotel with beer while I rested up for my tour the next day.

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