Where should I go in Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria.

Where should I go in Salzburg? It’s a question I asked a week before my trip. I received many answers ranging from “go to this club” to “eat Indian/Mexican food.”

Seriously? I must have asked the wrong people because these answers were appalling. When it comes to travel, I have one rule that stands above the rest. Never go any place you can always go at home.

Instead of writing about today’s events, I decided to sum up what to do in the city.

Food in Salzburg

When it comes to eating, where should I go in Salzburg? Most cafes don’t open until 8 or 9 in the morning. If you want an early start and a good breakfast, go to Cafe Sacher. The price is just slightly higher, but the quality of the food is good. I would have suggested Cup&Cino, but they don’t have an English menu.

For lunch, go to Die Weisse. It’s a 10 minute walk from Kapuzinerkloster, north of the river. They have a great beer selection and many Austrian dishes from which to choose.

For dinner, if you’re still feeling Austrian, head a little north west, up Müllner Hauptstraße, until you reach Barenwirt. They serve a great wild boar bratwurst and have a great selection of beer.

Where to go in Salzburg
Wild Boar and potatoes at Barenwirt.

What if you don’t like sausage or schnitzel and you’re dying for something else, like Chinese food? Go to Uncle Van. They also have beer and wine. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but Uncle Van is my favorite restaurant in Salzburg.

Have a sweet tooth? I have two recommendations for dessert. You can go to Cafe Sacher again for their famous chocolate cake. It’s a delicious dish at about €6.50. If you prefer something else, look for Salzburger Nockerl. You can get it a few places, but I’ve only had it at Cafe Mozart. It’s a little pricey at €13.50, but meant to be a dish for two.

Where should I go in Salzburg
Famous Viennese Cake at Cafe Sacher
Where should I go in Salzburg
Salzburger Nockerl at Cafe Mozart

Sights in Salzburg

When it comes to the sights, where should I go in Salzburg? This sounds bad coming from an artist, but skip the museums. The Museum of Modern Art is known to have the best view of Salzburg, but I disagree. I found the best view to be from Kapuziner Kloster. The view is great, night or day, and it’s free.

Where should I go in Salzburg
Salzburg from Kapuzinerkloster

Check out the Salzburg Cathedral. It’s free too. The inside is massive with tons of intricate carvings and paintings. Fortress Hohensalzburg is more impressive from afar, but if you want to see some cool guns, pay for admission to the museum inside it.

Where should I go in Salzburg
Salzburg Cathedral

Go to the Stiegl Brewery for a tour, tasting and free gift. You can go on a self guided tour. If you prefer a guide, the English tour is scheduled once a day.

Where should I go in Salzburg
Stiegl Brewery

If you have half a day to spare, sign up for the morning tour to the Salt Mines and Berchtesgaden, Germany. You only get about 45 minutes to spend in Berchtesgaden, but that’s plenty of time depending on what you want to do. If you like to shop, go shop. If you love panoramic views, walk southwest of the tourism center via the map below and you’ll get just that. Sign up for it here.

Where should I go in Salzburg
Where should I go in Salzburg
How to get a panoramic view of Berchtesgaden!

Staying in Salzburg

When it comes to hotels, where should I go in Salzburg? Price depends on the season. As for a good location, Star Inn Premium on Linzer Gasse is a great location at a 10-15 minute walk from most places. Just make sure you pick the right Star Inn. There’s another one south of town, but it’s far away from everything.

How long should I stay in Salzburg? I honestly think I stayed too long. Two and a half days is plenty. Even with a half day tour.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool city. You should definitely visit and place a lock on the love lock bridge.

Where should I go in Salzburg
My Addition to the Bridge

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